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Unexpected results

Last Thursday I went to the outpatient lab at one of the local hospitals to have blood drawn for an A1c and other routine tests.  I did so in preparation for an appointment with my primary care doctor that I had scheduled for Monday morning.

I had been dreading that appointment because I just knew for sure that the results of my A1c and basic metabolic panel (BMP) would be FUBAR due to the chaos of the previous few months.  And I was fully expecting to catch hell from my doctor as a result.  Much to my relief, neither of those things occurred.

I was quite surprised when the doctor handed me the lab results and I saw that my A1c was 6.6.  It had been 6.5 in May.  Given what I’ve been dealing with the last several months, I was fully expecting a number in the 7’s again.  And I told the doctor so.  After hearing the details of the events of the past few months, she was as surprised as I was by the lab results.  But she told me to keep up the good work.  I didn’t have the heart to admit that there hadn’t been much work done at all.

All of my lab results were good.  And my blood pressure was fantastic during the visit, too.  114/72 is great for me.

I don’t know how to explain the good numbers.  As I said, I was expecting them to be much worse than they were.  All I can figure is that someone must have been watching over me.

I hope the watch continues.

PS:  My sincere thanks to all of you for the outpouring of love and support since my last post.  It means a great deal.  Lots of love to you all.

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  • Sara


    Maybe it was one of those times when you can’t handle one more thing so the numbers lined up to avoid sending you over the edge!

  • Carol Dixon

    You and your body are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You probably inherently do the right things allowing the stress to have little to no impact. Think more positively about yourself and definitely high five yourself for your recent labs! From a personal standpoint, I know it’s challenging and am apprehensive at every lab draw. Take care, Mike. Were you at the Walk in Indy? I’m sorry if I missed you!!

    • Mike

      Carol, I wish I could say that I do the right things so that stress has no impact, but that’s simply not the case. I do not handle stress very well at all, and the last several months have been filled with it.

      I was not at the Walk in Indy this year. I spent that weekend with family.