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Ironic Inspiration

So, today is a special Diabetes Art Day, with all creations focused on a central theme of test strip accuracy and safety.  The event is being hosted in collaboration with Strip Safely.

I had been struggling with what to do for this project and, given everything I’ve been dealing with the last month, I had seriously considered not doing anything at all. Then a bit of inspiration came in the mail this morning.

Most in the DOC are aware of the test strip and meter recall that Nova Biomedical announced recently, myself included. Well today, I received a certified letter from them about the recall. And in checking the meter kit they sent me a while back, I discovered that I had received the bad meter and test strips that were recalled.

I found it quite ironic that I received Nova’s recall notice on the day that the Diabetes Online Community is holding an event focused on inaccurate and unsafe test strips. After giving it some thought and reading a comment from Ginger V., I decided to make it the centerpiece of my art project.


Seriously, how can we be expected to meet our management goals and be safe when the device manufacturers sell us faulty meters and test strips?  It’s time to raise the standard.  Our lives depend on it.

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  • Marie

    WHAT THE FRUCTOSE is right. We rely on these numbers. How can we look after ourselves if our meters aren’t accurate. Thank you for your art. I liked it a lot.

  • Laddie

    Masterfully-done art project. I think the Nova meter is a descendent of the BD meter which was the linked meter with my first Medtronic pump. It was a garbage meter then and looks like it still is. But at least they’re doing a recall.