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  • Nikki Thomason

    Hi Mike!
    Your lab results look great! You must be pleased.
    I had my labs done yesterday. My lipid panels results are better than four months ago but three of them are still not where my doctor wants them to be (I’m sure I’ll get an email from him after my A1c result comes in).
    Could you share what changes you made to your diet to get your trigs lower than mine? I’m thinking of switching to egg white omelettes and eliminating red meats.

    • Mike

      Hi Nikki!

      Thank you. Yes, I am happy with my lab results this time around. Hoping to maintain the progress to the extent that I’m able.
      As for changes that I’ve made, I limit the amounts of fatty foods that I eat. I refuse to completely deprive myself of the foods that I love, but I do practice moderation. Medication wise, I take Crestor.

      All the best!

  • Robert Herling


    The A1c level 6.5 is very good. I am at 6.8 and was told this is a good number. I am not familiar with congestive heart failure. I should be more educated on the subject matter since my step brother passed away from it – also diabetic.