Diabetes Blog Week

Where I was to Where I Am

It’s day 4 of Diabetes Blog Week and the prompt for today reads as follows:

We don’t always realize it, but each one of us had come a long way since diabetes first came into our life. It doesn’t matter if it’s been 5 weeks, 5 years or 50 years, you’ve done something outstanding diabetes-wise. So today let’s share the greatest accomplishment you’ve made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes. No accomplishment is too big or too small – think about self-acceptance, something you’ve mastered (pump / exercise / diet / etc.), making a tough care decision (finding a new endo or support group / choosing to use or not use a technology / etc.).

I’ve struggled with how to respond to this prompt today.  I’ve been through so much and accomplished quite a bit since I was diagnosed, so much so that it’s hard to pinpoint any one thing the write about.  Much less find the right words to express how I feel about it.  So, after much thought about how to approach this, I’ve decided to let a couple of images do most of the talking for me.

Where I was

This photo was taken on October 23, 2008, about two months before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure.  At the time I took this picture, I weighed about 340 pounds, felt awful most of the time, and was down right miserable.  More importantly, I was damn near dead and didn’t even know it.

Before Diagnosis
October 23, 2008: Two months before diagnosis

Where I Am

This photo was taken on March 21, 2013, nearly three months after the fourth anniversary of my diagnosis.  Four years later, I’ve lost approximately 45 pounds and, weighing in at 295 pounds, have achieved a goal that I’ve been trying reach for a decade.  To weigh less than 300 pounds.  I’m not much under that mark, but I’m on the side that I need to be on.  It’s a big freaking deal for me.  I’m thankful to be able to say that I’m full of life and living that life to the fullest.

March 21, 2013: Four years, three months later

What a difference four years have made!  I’m blessed and quite thankful to have had them.  Here’s hoping for many more.

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