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Sunset with the Eagles

After making it through an emotionally draining morning and afternoon yesterday, I decided to go hiking at a local nature preserve to clear my mind.  I got out there just before sunset and made my way to a spot where I could see the bald eagles’ nest that is just beyond the boundary of  the preserve.  I’ve spent a great deal of time out there since I learned of the nest a month or so ago.  Last night was special, though, because I had a chance to not only see one of the eagles swoop down from the nest to catch a fish from one of the ponds for dinner, but also the chance to catch it on camera.   It was a great way to end an otherwise bad day.

The male bald eagle perched on a tree branch before swooping down to catch dinner.


The bald eagle catching dinner from the pond.


In flight back to the nest with dinner in its talons.


And then the sun set.


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