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Review: Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s

Diabetes Do's & How-To's by Riva GreenbergSo, I’ve just finished reading Riva Greenberg’s new book, Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s, and I would definitely recommend it to those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes, as well as to those who have lived with diabetes for a while but have fallen off the management wagon and are struggling to get back on it.

In her book, Riva not only lays out what one should do to live healthy with diabetes, but also how to go about it.

Drawing from more than 40 years of personal experience living with type 1 diabetes, as well from experts in the diabetes field, Riva touches on a wide range of topics including food and fitness, as well as medical issues and changing attitudes.

For those unfamiliar with her, Riva Greenberg is a health coach, an inspirational speaker, and a blogger for The Huffington Post.  Riva has also authored two additional books, 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life: And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It,  and The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.

On the inspiration behind Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s, Riva says:  “I wrote this book because again and again, as I travel around the country speaking to patients, I see how many are confused, overwhelmed, and suffering.  They truly don’t know what to do to take care of their diabetes, and their capacity to take care of themselves is unnecessarily diminished.”

Adding both a bit a laughter and moments of pause to the book are the awesome cartoons of Haidee S. Merritt.  Love her work.

Overall, I’m impressed with this book and, as I said above, I would definitely recommend it.  I only wish it had been available when I was diagnosed.

Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s is available on Amazon and other online booksellers.  Check it out!

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