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Review: Emotional Eating with Diabetes

When I think about a book on diabetes and emotional eating, I think of something like a college textbook filled with hundreds of pages of psychological mumbo-jumbo and medical terms that I would need a PhD in order to understand.

Thankfully, Ginger Vieira‘s new book, Emotional Eating with Diabetes, is nothing of the sort.

It’s essentially a 46 page workbook, designed to help you identify the problems that you may have with emotional eating, pinpoint the causes of the problems, and help lay out a plan for addressing those problems and moving on.  The audience?  People living with any type of diabetes.

Within the fun, inviting cover you’ll find some of Ginger’s own experiences, as well as the experiences of some well known names with in the diabetes online community, including Cherise Shockley, Scott Johnson, George Simmons, Mike Lawson, to name a few.

The forward of the book is written by Dr. Bill Polonsky, author of the book Diabetes Burnout, and CEO of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute.

Overall I found the book to be rather easy to read and understand. The work sheets through out the book are helpful and thought provoking.  And while the primary audience of the book is folks living diabetes, I think it could be helpful to anyone who struggles with emotional eating.

Personally, I have something of a love/hate relationship with food, and I’m looking forward to going back through the book in my own time and seeing about working through my issues.

For now, though, I encourage you to give Emotional Eating with Diabetes a read if you haven’t already done so.

Emotional Eating with Diabetes

It’s available on Amazon.com in printed edition and e-book edition.  And it’s also available as an audio book.  Check it out!


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