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  • Leanne

    I’ve been surfing the Internet, reading everything I can on Victoza and how people have done with it.
    My mother was just released from the hospital today after being there for a week. She had been on four shots of insulin a day, then talked to her doctor about Victoza, so he started her on it. She took it last Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday morning, she was throwing up, confused and weak. Her vision turned brown. My dad took her to the ER. Her sugar was, no lie, 1008. She was at deaths door. Her BP was around 65/23. They admitted her to ICU. She was there through Sunday evening, then she moved to the Medical Surgical Care Unit. They did a heart cath because her troponin levels had increased and they were worried about heart damage. Turns out, she had a heart attack while she was there and they put in a stent, and found 80% blockage. At this point, she was in the Heart Care Unit. She’s home today feeling much better, but still wobbly since she hasn’t walked much in a week. An RN at the hospital had told her that everyone who comes into the hospital with sugar over 900 never makes it out, but my mom did. I thank God and the doctors and nurses for that.
    Please be very careful with this medication. Please read more online about it.
    Her coworker is doing great on it, but my mom didn’t have nearly the same outcome.

    • Mike

      Hi Leanna,
      I’m incredibly sorry that your mother had that experience. I’m glad that she is home now, and pray her condition continues to improve.

      I’ve done a lot of research on the medications that I take and I’m well aware of the risks that accompany them. So far, things are going well for me. It’s important to remember that each person is different, and as such, no two people react to medications in the same way.

      I hope that your mother is able to work with her doctors to find the right treatment plan for her. I wish her the best.

      Thanks for reaching out!