Well, I went to the doctor this morning for a routine visit and big changes are coming to my diabetes management routine in the coming weeks, as I work toward improving my BG’s and A1C numbers.   New year, new routine.

Starting Friday, I’ll be switching from using Byetta twice a day to using Victoza once a day.   I’ll start with a dose of .6 mcg for one week, then increase to 1.2 mcg for a week, before the final increase to 1.8 mcg.

I’ll be changing up my Lantus routine again as well, as I’m going back to taking it once a night starting with 30 units.

After 3 weeks of adjusting to the Victoza and Lantus changes, the biggest change in my management routine will take place.

Adding fast acting insulin for meals.  I made the decision to ask the doctor for this.  I feel it’s the best course of treatment for me at this time.

I’ll be taking either Humalog or Novolog,  I haven’t got the scripts yet, and I’ll be taking it 3 times a day using a sliding scale.

The scale being:

150 – 200 = 4 units
201 – 250 = 6 units
251 – 300 = 8 units
301+ = 10 units

This will be a big change, and will take some time to adjust to, but I’m optimistic that it will be a good thing for me.  Time will tell.  I can say that I’m thankful that I’m part of a community of supportive and helpful individuals who are willing to help and answer questions I’m sure to have along the way.  Thank you all in advance.

For now, I’m trying to take it easy and focusing on recovering from the cracked ribs and bruising sustained during a nasty fall on January 12.  It’s now 10 days later and I’m in just as much pain now as I was when I happened.  I’m told it could be a month or more before the pain eases, and as much as 6 months or more before things are completely healed and back to normal.

On that note, it’s pain pill time.