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Operation C-Y-A: Recover the Data

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen the tweet over the last week or so about my meter being broke and six weeks worth of data being lost as a result.  And you probably saw the tweet that I wouldn’t have data to take to show the doctor on Monday.  I was pretty stressed out and had just about given up on the data.

Well, during a lull at work tonight, I decided to take the damn thing apart and see if I could get it working again.  And much to my delight, I was successful!!!

It turns out that when the meter hit the concrete, the connectors between the power button and the internal button broke.

After some tinkering with a paperclip and chewing some gum…  It’s ALIVE!!!!

And then came the ultimate test….plugging it into the computer to see if it would transfer the data.

I’m not going to show my data here, but I can happily confirm that it did transfer to the computer and my report for the doctor has been printed.

Operation Cover Your Ass: Recover the Data – COMPLETED!

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