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Wordless Wednesday: TCOYD in Des Moines

The trip to Des Moines, IA two weekends ago for TCOYD was fantastic.  The conference was great and it provided an opportunity to spend time with dear friends from the DOC.   And I was able to capture bits and pieces on camera.  The pictures include shots of the diabetes guerrilla art banner created for Diabetes Art Day, shots from around town, and a few fun shots with Little G.  Enjoy!

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  • Alanna

    Looks awesome, Mike. I wish we had something even remotely similar in Canada. We really are lacking in the conferences about diabetes (for patients and PWDs) area.

  • Christina

    OMG – is little G the little ninja dude? Is this new? I havn’t been able to read, write, tweet, etc since the move – I must admit Ive been overwhelmed and I keep thinking Ill catch up the next week but then I can’t. I love little G and I am off to find out who this little ninja looking dude is. Great pictures – looks like a fabulous event. Great D-art too. Glad you shared.