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Photos: Chalk Walk

The Three Rivers Festival is underway in Fort Wayne this week and one of mine and April’s favorite events to checkout is the Chalk Walk.  For two days, a portion of a busy downtown street is closed off and artists from all over the area gather to create works using chalk as their medium and a square of hot asphalt as their canvas.  April and I went to check it out last night.  Camera in tow, of course.

To view the photos larger, click here.

Have any favorites?  Drop a comment and let me know.

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  • Christina

    lol – a favorite – they are all wonderful BUT –
    The eye is fantastic – so real.
    I <3 Baby simba!
    The Balloon dogs is my favorite cus it makes me giggle.
    The fried egg is too funny.
    Sugarboy loves the lego Starwars and lego Indiana Jones
    Middles loved the first garfield
    The one wishing for a safe return of a soldier made my heart ache.
    The olympic rings NOT made in china was a great political plug.
    Thanks for sharing Mike – great stuff.

  • Kate

    I like the egg and the birds on a wire (GREAT cartoon!). Lots of great talent there…thanks for sharing!