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Dude, Can I Borrow Your Pin?

This morning I woke to the little chirping sound my droid makes every time an email is received.  Normally, I turn that off before going to bed, but didn’t get that done before I passed out last night.  I reached for the phone, checked the email and found it was a DM from my buddy Mike Hoskins.  He had a favor to ask and wondered if I’d be around during the day.  I replied, “yeah, what’s up?”

Turns out he was heading north to Detroit for a JDRF function and couldn’t find a particular diabetes accessory that he really wanted for the outfit he planned to wear.  And he knew that I had one because he saw me wearing it during the trip to Chicago last month.  Since he was going to be driving through Fort Wayne any way, he figured it was worth a chance to ask if he could borrow mine.

But what was this accessory you ask?  The Blue Circle pin.

Yes, as April put it, Mike sent me a message from 100+ miles away asking “dude, can I borrow your pin?”  And,  of course, I said “Absolutely!”

So, Mike and Riley the D-Dog made a stop here in Fort Wayne for a brief D-Meetup.  We met at Panera Bread, of course, and had a nice chat about a lot of different things.  It’s great being able to sit down with dear friends and catch up like that.

And before we went our separate ways, I removed my pin from the collar of my shirt and gave it to him.  And that was that.

Mike has a Blue Circle pin for his outfit, I have a funny story about a friend who drove 100+ miles to borrow a pin, and we both have the memory of another d-meetup.

Good times!

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