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Vacation recap

So, this vacation recap is a week overdue now as I’ve been completely swamped with work, doctor appointments, family stuff, etc… since returning to Fort Wayne. Hey, better late than never, right?

Last weekend was my sister’s 23rd birthday, and since I don’t get to see her, or any of my family, very often, I decided to spend a few days in Kentucky.  And she was kept in the dark about the visit until I drove up in front of the house Thursday evening.  Her reaction to that surprise was priceless, and it made the drive down there well worth it.

And the first line of business upon arriving was?  Resetting my sister’s wireless network.  Let just say it was setup wrong, passwords were lost, and she didn’t know how to fix it.  So, I worked a little techie ninja magic and got things working again.  She was happy and I was, too.

I spent Friday hanging out with my sister and grandmother.  Didn’t do much at all. It was just nice being down there.

On Saturday we had a birthday dinner for my sister.  We had planned on taking her out to Applebee’s, but since she wasn’t feeling very well, the family gathered at my grandmother’s house and brought food in for dinner.  And it worked out just as well.  And she made out like a bandit on the gifts.  Playstation 3, movies, and the mp3 player I bought her.  She’s not spoiled at all.

Well, Sunday rolled around before I knew it, and that meant it was time to load up the car and head back to Fort Wayne.   So, I said my goodbyes and left Louisville around 3:00pm and headed north to Indianapolis, where the final bit of vacation fun was to take place.  A D-meetup!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cherise and her daughter, and Mike & Suzi Hoskins, at Panera Bread for dinner.  Good friends, good food, lots of laughs, love, and encouragement.  What more could you ask for?  Other than more time, I mean. 🙂  It was great seeing all of you again.  Thanks for coming out.

From there I headed north to Fort Wayne.  And after a couple of hours on the road, and a few stops, I got back to the fort around 10:30pm.  I stopped at April’s to see her for a bit, and then came home to my place.  And the first line of business upon arriving home?  Falling down the stairs.  Poetic, huh?

Overall, it was a nice vacation up until the end.  Got to relax a bit, see family, celebrate my sister’s birthday, and visit with good friends.

Life is Good!

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