After nearly two months of waiting for the appointment, I finally got to see the cardiologist on Friday to review the results of the cardiac MRI, blood work, and 30 day heart monitor that I had to endure in an effort to determine why there had been a decline in the function of my heart and if I would need a defibrillator.

I woke up late and had to scramble to get ready and head out to the medical center on the other side of town.  Normally if I’m in a rush and stressed like that it shows up when the nurses check my blood pressure, etc.., but not this visit.  My BP was normal and by the time the doctor came in to see me, I was oddly peaceful.

To my relief, the doctor confirmed that the cardiac MRI  indicated that my ejection fraction is at 47%. That is in stark contrast to the 35% that previous tests had indicated. And since defibrillators generally aren’t prescribed for patients with ejection fractions over 36%, that means I will not need one.  The doctor stated that a normal ejection fraction is around 55%, and since mine is 47%, he considers the weakness of my heart muscle to be mild.  Since I’m already taking the best medications for treating congestive heart failure and improving heart strength, the doctor wants to continue with the regimen that I’m on now and see how things progress.

The results of the blood work done to check my potassium, iron, thyroid, etc… all came back within the normal ranges.  While I’m thankful that those results were good, they are also frustrating because we were hoping to find a treatable cause for the decline, like an iron overload or something like that.  Alas, there’s no evidence of that, and I’m really not going to spend much time dwelling on it.

There were a few points of interest on tapes from the heart monitor I wore for a month, but the doctor said they seemed to indicate normal elevations in heart rate that anyone can expect from time to time.  Nothing to really worry about.

I can’t begin to explain how glad I am to finally have some of the answers that I needed, and how thankful I am that the results from the tests were worth the grief I endured going through them.  And as frustrating as the wait has been, it’s been worth it.

As for that odd peaceful feeling I was feeling on Friday?  It’s still with me as I write this.  I’m more at peace with things now than I have been in a long time.  And, along with the improvement in how I’m feeling mentally, I’m also feeling better and stronger physically.  And that, my friends, is saying something.

And speaking of friends, I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate the love, support, good thoughts and prayers that I’ve received from everyone in the Diabetes Online Community over the last few months.  If there were any doubts in my mind as to whether I’m loved or not, they are long gone.  To all of you:  Thank You, and Lots of Love, my friends!