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A Hopeful Hand

So, today is apparently “Write HOPE on your hands for diabetes” day.  And, I evidently didn’t get that memo.  Didn’t know a thing about it until I started seeing photos of hopeful hands posted on the Facebook pages of several friends.  And I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t see them before I got to work this afternoon.  Where I had no markers, etc… with which to jazz up my hand for the occasion.

Despite the late notice and being stuck in the office, I found a way to participate.  The blue HOPE bracelet that my friends Alexis and Justice sent me just happened to be in my laptop bag, and I always have my cellphone in my pocket.  I put those items together and the image below is what resulted.

Hope is on my hand.  A smile is on my face.  A picture has been posted.  My work here is done.  Ciao!


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  • kristof

    where did you get that bracelet? i have one exactly like it but it broke and i havent found them anywhere. thank you in advance