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World Diabetes Day Snap Shot

So, World Diabetes Day turned out to be quite an awesome day.  My celebration activities included wearing blue, taking part in a town hall style meeting at hosted by the good folks at the ADA office in Indianapolis, hanging out with Indy Car driver Charlie Kimball, and participating in the Big Blue Test with several folks who attended the ADA event.   Here are a few pictures.

The Panelists

Courtesy of ADA Indiana

The Audience

Courtesy of ADA Indiana


 New Friends

Hanging with Charlie Kimball = Awesome!

Funny Friends

Mike Hoskins, Todd Siesky, and Mike Durbin = The Blues Brothers

Old Friends

Mike & Suzi Hoskins


In all, it was a day of advocacy, learning, meeting new friends, and catching up with old friends.  And one I thoroughly enjoyed!

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