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Me and The DOC

Today is the 6th Annual D Blog Day, which was created by my friend Gina.  This year participants were challenged to create a page for a scrapbook that Gina is compiling.  For those unable to create a page, like myself, there was also a writing prompt.   The prompt is:

“Why you feel the Diabetes Online Community is so important? especially to you personally? Give examples of other diabetes involvement may you have, on or offline, how it helped you etc… How do you think “we” as an online community can band together to reach broader audiences to help even more people living with or affected by diabetes.”

Since this is also day 9 of the National Health Blog Post Month challenge I’ve committed to completing and today’s prompt asked me to talk about myself again, I’m combining the two ideas.  So here goes!

To me, the Diabetes Online Community has been a blessing from the very beginning of my journey.  Within a few days of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure on December 29, 2008,  my Google searches for information and support for the two conditions had lead me to the very first community site that I joined, Diabetic Rockstar.  I was overwhelmed by the welcome that I received from so many members of that site.   I knew that I wasn’t alone in my new life.  And that I never would be.  It was through that site that I met my awesome sister, Ashley. 🙂

My searching led me to the personal blogs of Kerri, Scott, George and Kelly, and many more.  More examples of people living with diabetes for many, many years.  And each was sharing his or her story.  Sharing what it was really like to live with the type of diabetes with which they were diagnosed.  I was diagnosed with a different type of diabetes than theirs, but from them I learned the diligence  it would take to live well with my diabetes.  That I could, in fact, live with it.  And this was long before I even found them on twitter and began talking to them daily.   And I certainly never imagined I would actually get to meet them in person.

Reading the comments on those blogs, seeing the impact each was having on the lives of readers, was inspiring to me.  The thought that someone could benefit from reading about my experiences was exciting to me.  Helping others is what I do.  That’s who I am.  Who I always have been and always will be.  Did you hear that, my fellow diabetes bloggers?  You guys inspired me to start My Diabetic Heart, which got the ball rolling on all of the awesome things I’ve been able to be a part of over the last three years.  And I can’t thank you enough.

And I’m now addicted to twitter.  Never thought that would happen.  It’s all because of the DOC.  It’s my 24/7 connection to all the awesome folks I’ve come to know and love and call my friends.  It’s my extended family.  I love you guys!

So, you ask “why is the Diabetes Online Community so important to me?”  It has been my life line. My phone, tweet, text or email a friend.  It’s been my beacon of hope through some of the darkest times over the last few years.   And it has been the same for so many others in the past, and will be the same for others in the future.

That, my friends, is why the DOC is so important.


This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J

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