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My TV Show

NHBPM Day 2 Prompt: My TV Show. Your blog is being turned into a TV show! Congrats – you’ve earned it. In fact, you get to co-write it. Write about the TV show based on your life or blog.

So let me get this straight.  You want to turn my blog into a TV show?  You really think my life is so interesting that people would watch?  Shoot, I struggle to get people to read the blog, but if you really think we can make a winner out of My Diabetic Heart on TV, I guess we can give it a shot.  I mean, the worst thing that will happen is it will be canceled after the pilot episode.

OK, so here are some initial thoughts about the show.

It’s not going to be a reality TV show, where cameras are following me everywhere.  Despite some evidence to the contrary, I do value my privacy.  So, that option is off the table.  Don’t even ask.

And if it is to be turned into a sitcom, docu-drama, etc…in which Hollywood actors will play the characters, two actors in particular are prohibited from the casting call list.

If we do go the Hollywood route, I do hope to we can get the guy that wrote the script for Buried on our writing team.  That’d be awesome.  What was his name again?  Oh, right. Chris Sparling!  Yeah, if you could just go ahead and give his people a call and set that up, that’d be terrific. M’kay.  What? You don’t have contact info for his people? Dagnabbit!  Oh wait, I know his wife, Kerri.  I’m sure she could help.  🙂

In all honesty though, I can’t see devoting a whole television show just to my life.  I think I would much prefer to do a talk show kind of thing.  Where I could talk about different aspects of my life, but also provide a platform for other PWDs to share their stories, promote advocacy efforts, and educate on the realities of life with all types of diabetes.   I want to do something that will really help other people, not just have the whole thing focus on me.

Oh, and if this venture is profitable, I’m going to insist that a large portion of the revenues, say 75% or more, be donated to Diabetes and Heart disease related charities.  Because that’s how I roll.

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