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10 Facts About Mike

Today is No D Day, and since the post idea I had last year was popular enough for several people to steal, I decided it was good enough to use again this year.  So, I give you 10 Facts About Mike:

1) I do not like candy corn.

2) I’ve pet live sharks, star fish, and horseshoe crabs.

3) My favorite comic strip is Get Fuzzy.

4) Despite evidence to the contrary, I’m really a very private person.

5) I have an adopted sister whom I’ve never met in person. 🙂

6) I always have two birdies by my side.

7) George Carlin was, and still is, my all-time favorite comedian.

8 ) I’ve walked a 6ft long iguana on a leash.

9) My computers are PCs, my phone’s a Droid, and my tablet is an iPad.

10) I met the woman I love on my very first day at college.  Tomorrow, we will celebrate 9 years together.  I love you, April! <3

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