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A Successful First Diabetes Walk

April & I traveled to Indianapolis on Sunday to participate in the American Diabetes Association’s 20th Annual Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes event.  It was the very first time that I’ve participated in a diabetes walk since my diagnosis nearly three years ago.  And I much say that it was an unqualified success in terms of both surpassing my fund raising goal and my completing the walk itself.  Thanks to the generous support of friends and family, I raised $200 for the event. Which was twice the amount I had set for a goal.  Yay!

April & I enjoyed the event and it was great to share my first diabetes walk with Cherise, her husband Scott and daughter Niya, her co-worker Michelle, and Todd.

I shot some photos during our time in Indy and put them together in a flickr slideshow to share with my readers.  Enjoy!

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