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Fight Diabetes, Not Each Other

The one thing that I have always appreciated about the DOC as a whole is the diverse assembly of types, individuals, blogs, communities, etc… that exist within it.

People need to see all aspects of life with this disease.  Some people prefer to focus on the positives.  Others focus on the negatives.  And others fall in between.  Personally, as a blogger, I write about the good and the bad, because life with this disease is a mixed bag.

Whether you prefer to keep it real or you prefer to ride a unicorn and toss glitter everywhere, there is a place for you in the DOC.

When you’re blogging, advocating, etc… just be yourself and do so from the heart.  Remember why you started doing so in the first place.  Remember that your experience with diabetes will be different than someone else.

But most importantly, remember this:  Diabetes is the enemy; not your fellow DOC members!

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