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If I Can Help Somebody

“If I can help somebody, as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody, with a word or song … Then my living shall not be in vain.”

Those simple words of that great old song have weighed heavily on my mind over the last week, as I’ve read the comments of so many trying to thank me and commend me for my efforts to help Dustin and his family after their devastating loss.

Dustin has said “I can’t thank you enough for all of this. I don’t have the words to describe how great all of you are.”

“Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for all you’ve done to support my guy and his family, but it’s all I can say. Thank you for being the best adopted brother a girl could ask for.” says Ashley.

And I’ve heard things like “you’re my hero” and “you’re such an amazing part of the DOC” and ‘you have a heart of gold”.

While I so appreciate the sentiment behind all of those kind words, and they’ve brought tears to my eyes, they really aren’t necessary.  I don’t do the things I do for praise, fame or fortune.  My reward comes from knowing that I’ve made the effort to help someone else. From knowing that I’ve paid forward the second chance at life with which I’ve been blessed. From knowing that I haven’t wasted it by only thinking about myself.

If you wish to thank me, simply pay it forward. Then neither of our lives will have been in vain.


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