Living with a Confusing Pancreas and a Broken Heart at age 36 #Diabetes #LADA #CongestiveHeartFailure. #MakeDiabetesVisible Creator, #ALittleHeartCanDoBigThings Creator, Advocate, Blogger, Nature Photographer.


  • Captain Glucose & Meter Boy

    Very touching and yet very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  • PrincessLadyBug

    Thanks for the tissue heads up. I needed them. ((((((Mike)))))) So many people are pulling for you, sweetie. And you help keep us going too. We can ALL do it!!!

  • Kim

    Thank you so much, Mike, for participating (twice, technically!) in the You Can Do This Project. Your story will help others, and you’re brave to be willing to share it so honestly and openly. Big hugs!

  • @fiberenabler

    See. You warned us about the Kleenex and I didn’t listen…What a beautiful, strong, and real sentiment. Big Hugs!

  • Carmen Gonzalez

    This is one of the more powerful first-person “in the trenches” videos I have seen, detailing what it is like to battle two diseases. Your motivating remarks and emotional transparency really make this work. With a strong support network, even this huge burden you have on your shoulders is doable. Mike, you can do it because you are doing it!

    Carry on,

  • Jess


    thank you so much for sharing! this had to have been hard for you. your story is truly inspiring! so happy to have you in the DOC, my friend! big hugs to you!

  • alexis

    Thank god for a new browser. I’m so glad I was able to finish watching. Even if I am bawling. This is one of the rawest and most touching vlogs I’ve seen. You’re awesome. And you holding the bracelet warmed my heart. Xoxo