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Answering Alabama’s Call for Help

We are all aware of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through parts of Alabama recently, leaving numerous people dead, and many more survivors injured and homeless.

Among those affected by those storms were thousands of people with diabetes, many who are now without the critical supplies needed to survive.  Simply put they need HELP! AND FAST!

Victoria Cumbow, a fellow PWD, lives in Alabama, and has put out a call to the Diabetes Online Community for donations of supplies, and many have stepped forward to answer that call.

While I’m just one guy, living more than 500 miles away, I’ve heard that call loud and clear.  And it is not going unanswered.

After returning home from work in the early hours of Thursday morning, I compiled a list of organizations in Fort Wayne to call and email to seek donations to send to Alabama.  At 1:30 a.m., I was busy drafting a letter for emailing, and by 3:00 a.m., had sent off half a dozen emails.

At 9:30 a.m., I received a call from the person in charge of the diabetes management program at my insurance company stating that they had 3 boxes of supplies that I could pick up.  I was just shocked.

After going to pick those up from the office, I returned home and spent time making phone calls to the diabetes education centers at all of the local hospitals.  I’m waiting to hear back from them, and I’m hopeful that they will step up to the plate and help the cause.

So far, with just a handful of emails and phone calls, I’ve secured 15 meters, 8 lancing devices, and a bunch of logbooks.  I’ve also been contacted by a friend on facebook who is going to be sending me 3 boxes of Omnipods to send down there.  Those items and everything else that I’m expecting to receive in the coming days will go a long with in helping the good people of Alabama get back on their feet.

I feel both very proud and blessed to be able to help in this effort to the extent that I can, and I encourage everyone who is able to make donations to do so.

Rest assured Alabama, we are with you. And help is most definitely on the way.

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  • PrincessLadyBug

    Has anyone told you lately how simply amazing you are? How about that you are a caring, wonderful, and funny man? I don’t think it can be said too often. You, sir, are made of awesome!!!

    I, on the other hand, am made of lame. My box is pitiful & I have 4 log books that I didn’t think to include. Hmmm, who can I contact for more stuff to send so I can be like Mike?

    • Mike

      Yeah Cheri, I hear that occasionally. 😉 Thank you!

      And let me tell you something, you are not, in any way, lame. No PWD is lame. We all do what we can when others are in need, and you are no different. Every little bit that you included in the box that you sent is important. Each item is one more that will go to helping someone who doesn’t have the critical supplies that they need to survive. Don’t ever discount what you’ve done to help this cause as not being good enough. You’ve helped someone in need, and that’s something of which to be proud.

  • Victoria

    Oh Mike, you are absolutely wonderful! So proud to call you a friend (even if it is online.) 😉 Thank you for this, and we are incredibly greatful.

    And @PrincessLadyBug, I think we’ve already emailed, but what you are doing is amazing, too! Every bit helps! What doesn’t go directly to families will be used to stock Disaster Response Teams, like the state’s Medical Reserve Corps. Thank you!