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Walk in the Park

April and I made a trip to Indianapolis on Saturday to drop her brother off at the airport and, on the way back to Fort Wayne, we stopped at Falls Park in Pendleton.

We got to the park just as a festival was winding down for the day.  And with just enough time to purchase some delectable home baked goodies.  Banana Cake, Zucchini bread, and pumpkin bread.  OH MY GLUCOSE!

After checking out a few of the booths that were still open, April and I took a nice little hike along one of the trails.  The weather was great and the scenery was just as beautiful.  Here’s a gallery for your enjoyment.

And my blood glucose was at 95 mg/dl after our hike. Great number and a great excuse to eat some of those home baked goodies. Not that I need an excuse or anything. 😛

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