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Who Am I?

Recently, I was going through the archives of a blog that I used to write, and came across this little gem, circa 2006.  I had just quit a job because the owner was a real jerk, was struggling to get on my feet, and was dealing with a real lack of self respect and confidence. After a long conversation with April one night, I sat down and wrote this.

I am a strong, confident, caring, loving, and passionate man. I have a sound mind, and a strong spirit. I am well educated; possessing the knowledge and abilities needed to make it in this world. I am strong willed; filled with a sense of determination and endurance that will carry me through all situations. I am filled with respect, not only for others, but more importantly, for myself.

When I look back on those times and think about what I’ve been through and how far I’ve come, I realize just how true those words really are.  And sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of it.

If you were to write something similar about yourself, what would you say?  I challenge you to write a comment here, and tell me and, more importantly, yourself, Who You Are.

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  • George

    Awesome post Mike. What would I write? hmm…

    I am a caring, honest, and humble man. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am always willing to help others.

    That’s about all I can come up with!

  • kerri

    I love this. I love how it totally shines through into your blog posts and even your tweets, too. It’s right on.

    Hmm . . . (Seeing as I was just writing a cover letter, supposedly declaring my awesome lol). This is hard!

    I am compassionate, caring and determined. I am both healed and healing, I am perfect in weakness, and continue to grow stronger through it. The beating of this heart has gotten me this far, and it will continue to pour life into me and into what I do. I am ALIVE.

  • Jess

    ok, i did promise you i would do it! 😉

    who am i? i am a strong, determined, self-possessed young woman. i am intelligent, compassionate, and caring.