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From the Archive: D.I.A.B.E.T.E.S.

While I’m not really participating in the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge (HAWMC), I have been following the prompts for each day, and the Acrostic prompt from day one of the challenge reminded me of a post I wrote in March of last year, and I thought it deserved another look.  Enjoy and feel free to add your own interpretations of the word Diabetes.


So I got to thinking about what we, as diabetes bloggers, are really doing by way of the things we chose to share.  It’s a simple idea, yet one that leaves a lasting impression.  It all in the way you look at and interpret the word Diabetes.

As I interpret it, we, as diabetes bloggers, are:

Educating others

Of course, that’s just my interpretation of it.  What do you think?  Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

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