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Bloggin from the droid, take 1

Fe fi fo fum, this little blog post was written on my droid using only two thumbs. 🙂

I’m in the midst of a much needed vacation, and so far it has been as relaxing and peaceful as I had hoped it would.

I got to Louisville around 5pm on Sunday, just in time for the bbq dinner my grandma had prepared to celebrate my birthday.  We had angel food cake for dinner. Yummy!

I was so tired after the long day of driving, that I went to bed around 11pm that night.  In fact, I’ve gone to bed by midnight the last three nights. That never happens. 

Monday was my 27th birthday, and just as I had hoped, there wasn’t much fanfare over it.  It was laid back and low key. In fact, I had a quiet evening with my aunt and uncle, looking at pictures from their cruise in february. We did have pizza for dinner, which was fine for a birthday meal.

On Tuesday, I took a ride out to the location of the meetup I’ll be having with Meredith on Thursday. I’m not familiar with that area of town, so I wanted to do a trial run to find the place and get an idea as to how long it’ll take to get there and back.  And so, I know now, and am looking forward to our meetup about 24 hours from now.

And today, well, I haven’t done anything more than take my grandmother to the grocery store.  Always a fun time.

Oh, I should also mention that this vacation has turned into a much needed break from sitting in front of a computer. All of my online activities have been via my droid. And due to my lack of computer usage, I will also be taking a break from dsma tonight.  I love dsma and everyone who participates, but I need a night off. I’ll be back next week. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. Back to doing nothing. Ciao!

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