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Little G’s Meltdown

This just into the MDH Newsroom:

Little G, the popular D ninja doll and star of the hit series “The Adventures of Little G”, has apparently gone off the deep end.

MDH News has learned that the little ninja’s roommates have witnessed what can only be described as a complete meltdown. They told us that the star has spent recent days running around their home yelling “I’m a Winner! I’m a Winner!” and “I’ve got High Fructose Corn Syrup in my veins!”

When asked about the motivation behind the sudden outburst, one of the roommates, Code S. Monkey, told MDH News that he believed this was a copy cat performance inspired by the recent debacle involving a certain Hollywood star.

Little G goes to work Little G
The other roommate, who we’ll call Birdman, told us that he always thought the little ninja was a little crazy, but he had never seen him do anything like this.

Birdman, who lives with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure, told MDH News that Little G had been acting strangely for a while, and that he had even confronted the ninja about it after finding Little G’s stash of HFCS filled goodies. That confrontation didn’t end well at all.

Both roommates told MDH News that they just want what’s best for their friend, and hope they can convince him to get help before it’s too late. They plan to try another intervention in the near future.

MDH News will have more on this story as it develops. Stay Tuned!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday night web surfing. 🙂

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