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Playing Catch Up

In a effort to start 2011 out on a positive note, I spent the majority of today working to get caught up on a few pressing matters.

With the running around and all that I’ve been doing the last few months as a result of my mother in laws health problems, I had managed to fall behind on preparing and sending blood glucose logs to my insurance company.  I hadn’t realized how far behind I was until I got an email from the lady in charge of the diabetes management program at my insurance company reminding me that I hadn’t sent anything to her since early October.

So, I spent a while this morning dumping data from both of my meters, and running reports from their respective software.  I then printed cover sheets and faxed the reports.  It felt great getting that weight off my shoulders.  And now that I’m caught up, I  fully intend to stay that way.

The other thing I worked on today was catching up on sleep.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get a whole lot of rest; with the crazy hours I work and all, I’m always on the go.  And the insomnia doesn’t help either.  Today, however, I managed to get a 5 hour nap in.  5 full hours of uninterrupted sleep for me is unheard of, so it was a welcomed occurrence.

Here’s hoping that such occurrences will become a regular thing for me during 2011.  I sure need it.

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