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Diabetes Blessings Week

You know, it’s not always easy to find things for which to be thankful when living with any type of diabetes.  So often, you’ll find groups of fellow D-OC members commiserating over bad highs and lows, and bad pump infusion sites, the pain of all the finger pricks and multiple daily injections.  And believe me, the complaints are more than justifiable.

This, however, is the season of Thanksgiving.  It is a time to reflect upon all of the blessings in our lives and express our gratitude for them.  And despite all of our complaints about living with this disease, I know that diabetes has blessed each of us in one way or another.  So, with that in mind, I am declaring November 22nd through November 28th to be “Diabetes Blessings Week.”

I invite all of my fellow D-Bloggers and D-OC members to use those 7 days to reflect upon the blessings that have come to them because of diabetes, and devote at least one blog post to the subject.  For those inclined to accept, I challenge you to write a post each day of Diabetes Blessings Week.  And, of course, you should then tweet about your posts on Twitter and use the #DBlessingsWeek hashtag.  The image above can be used as a participant badge on your blog.

So please, spread the word about Diabetes Blessings Week, and I’ll be looking forward to reading about everyone’s blessings.

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