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Going Blue for Diabetes

If you visit this website on a regular basis, you may have noticed a big change that took place over the weekend.  The normally red background, headers, links, etc… are now Diabetes Blue.

I’d been thinking about what do for Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day for some time, and after reading Kelly Kunik’s blog post on Thursday, I got to thinking about ways to raise awareness and spread the Blue.  And it hit me, Why not turn My Diabetic Heart blue for the entire month of November?

Now, I realize that it’s only the middle of October, and November won’t be here for a couple of weeks.  So, why am I making this change now?  Well, it’s simple.  I’d like my fellow D-Bloggers and D-OC members to join me, and it’s going to take some time to prepare.  Honestly,  it only involves a few simple layout tweeks.  And I’m more than willing to help anyone who wants to join me.  It’s a pretty simple idea, but it’s one that could help raise awareness.

Naturally, being a code monkey and all, my idea came from the mindset of spreading awareness online.  But what about spreading awareness offline?  Well, embarrassingly enough, I’m at a loss for ideas there.  However, fellow D-Blogger & D-OC member Cherise Shockley came up with an idea for spreading the blue offline called Blue Fridays. Check out her blog for more details.

These are both fairly simple ideas, but there is great potential for success in each of them if everyone gets involved.

So please join us, and GO BLUE!

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