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A Few Things Bugging Me

It’s been a month since I last posted anything here on MDH, and although I haven’t been writing, I have been around.  I’ve just been listening and watching.  And I’ve seen a few things in the last month that have really bugged me.

Another Testing Study

Yesterday, I read this article, Push to restrict blood glucose checks, which talks about a study conducted in Canada to determine whether self-monitoring of blood glucose is beneficial to people who are non-insulin dependent, a.k.a… people with type 2 diabetes.  The basic conclusion was that no benefits existed, therefore, there was no need for people with type 2 diabetes to test on a regular basis.

Well, excuse me while I stand up and yell BULLSHIT!

I’m a person with type 2 diabetes, and I test multiple times a day.  Doing so helps me keep track of how my blood sugars are doing, what I need to eat and when, and provides data and insight into how well my body reacts to not only the meals I eat, but also to stress, illness, and other factors.  Simply put, daily monitoring helps me determine how well my treatment regimen is working, and what I need to talk to my doctors about during my appointments.

I know that others in the D-OC probably feel the same way I do, so I think it is safe to say I speak for most when I say that I wish the assclowns who conduct these studies would stop handing the insurance companies more reasons to deny coverage of testing supplies.  We have enough trouble with getting things paid for because of insurance companies jerking us around.  We don’t need you adding to their arsenal of bullshit excuses.  So STOP IT!

Celebrities Claiming to be Cured

And while I’m wishing for things, I wish certain celebrities would stop claiming to be cured of their type 2 diabetes because they lost come weight and are no longer on medications, as a result of diet and exercise changes.

I know plenty of people with type 2 diabetes who manage their diabetes with diet and exercise alone, but they still have type 2 diabetes.  Why?  Because the fact is: THERE IS NO CURE!

While I do congratulate these people on successfully gaining control of their diabetes, I do wish they would think before they open their mouths to the media.  They have no idea of the harm they are doing to the efforts of those who are trying to educate people on the facts about all type of diabetes.

Content Theft

And last, but certainly not least, I was both angered and saddened when I read the posts of fellow D-Bloggers, Kelly Kunik and Michael Hoskins, regarding their content being stolen.  And the outrage grew when it was discovered that the content thieves were lifting content from the entire Diabetes Daily blogging community.

I’ve had content stolen in the last few months, so I know the anger and frustration felt by my friends.  These instances highlight the need for all of us to take steps to protect the contents of our blogs.  I’m sorry that Mike, Kelly, and the team at Diabetes Daily are dealing with this bullshit, but I am thankful that they have  made the issue a public one, and that they are taking action against the offending sites.

One thing is for certain, the owners of those sites have chosen the wrong community.  We’ll get those content stealing sons of bitches. One site at a time.

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  • Scott S

    My friend Colleen works as a person with diabetes for Health Canada, and she also disagreed with the idea behind the study, but the health profession had a different perspective and Health Canada (and the provinces) wanted done because they pay for the cost of these supplies. This is an example of designing a study with the outcome already known before the study is even done; it’s not objective but so much medical research is done that way these days it’s scary. I am troubled by content being lifted, too, but we as a community have to be more vigilant about protecting our work! Together, we can make it a PITA for these thieves!! Anyway, looking forward to the No-D-Day content from everyone!!

  • mistressbiky

    I’m T1 diabetic, but I learned just because T2 diabetics take oral meds or insulin it doesn’t mean they’re bad diabetics. In addition, some T2 diabetics can lose weight and no longer require meds, but there’s a chance that it could return if they’re not careful. The same holds true for gestational diabetics. The diabetes could go away once baby is born, but retire later in life.

  • Batts

    My grandmother (on my dad’s side) was dx about 10years ago with T2..she swears by testing her blood sugar once a month! (I’m from Canada) I think she’s crazy, but she says her a1C is perfect and her doc says she’s in perfect health (not sure he’s aware of how often she tests)..she’s still on the diet and exercise regime..(thinks I’m crazy for testing so much and loudly states how she’d never be able to take shots – I’m a T1).
    I donno, but I guess like with both diabetes some people can do it, some people can’t?

  • Randombetic (Tim)

    How can the lack of information, or even the complete absence of information related to where your BG is be of ANY use? This motive behind this ‘study’ is more than transparent.