Broken Hearts Still Hold Songs

I originally wrote this poem and posted it 5 and a half months into my diagnosis. The message in it still speaks to me a little over a year later, so I thought I’d repost it. The poem was inspired by my experiences with heart and other health problems, my faith in God, and the music and messages within the lyrics that have kept me going.

Broken Hearts Still Hold Songs
My heart may be weak,
but my spirits are strong.
Though my health may be poor,
my soul is still filled with song.

In my hour of despair,
I go to Him in prayer.
And because He lives, and loves me,
I can face tomorrow.

His sweet, sweet spirit fills me,
I can feel his hand in mine, and
that really is all I need to know.
And by His amazing grace, I’m
able to give the world a smile,
and keep walking on.

Yes, my heart is weak, and
the road to recovery is very long,
but with Him as my guiding spirit,
my soul shall always be filled with song.

Living with a Confusing Pancreas and a Broken Heart at age 36 #Diabetes #LADA #CongestiveHeartFailure. #MakeDiabetesVisible Creator, #ALittleHeartCanDoBigThings Creator, Advocate, Blogger, Nature Photographer.