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Lab work finally done

After last week’s failed attempt at fasting for the lab work I needed to have done, I was rather nervous about how things would go when I started attempt number 2 last night.  Fortunately, though, I made it though the 12 hour fasting time period, and went to the hospital for the lab work early this afternoon.

This round of tests is to check my A1C, Microalbumin levels, and lipids.  I’ll get the results when I go see my doctor next week.  Here’s hoping for more good results.

In other news, my stomach is being a pain again.  Woke up this morning with the same issues I had last month or so.  I’m not impressed.  Here’s hoping this flare up won’t last very long.

All for now. Ciao!

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  • The poor diabetic

    Hey Mike
    I always have the same problem with fasting before the proverbial tests and lab work but a couple of times, my Endo has let me test without fasting maybe you can ask yours if this is possible to negate some of the stressors that go with fasting.