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My Wishes

My friend and fellow DOC member, Ashley (#dream4muse), posted a forum question on a site she is working on for a class project, and it got me thinking.  It pertained to diabetes and other health conditions, and simply asked, “What would your wish(es) be?”  Here’s my response…

Hmm, what would I wish for? Let’s see…

A cure for diabetes would be AWEsome! And I’m not saying that just because it’s what everyone wants, or because I don’t want to live with the daily frustrations of living with diabetes.

No, I wish for a cure for the 6 week old baby girl who was born with type 1 diabetes, and will never know a life without the pain of multiple daily injections (MDIs) of insulin, frequent blood glucose checks, highs and lows, etc… unless a cure is found.

I wish for a cure for the man or woman who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 40 years, who has never known a life without the ball and chain that is diabetes. I’d like for them to experience life without it, but that won’t happen without a cure.

I wish for a cure for all of my friends and loved ones living with Diabetes.

I wish for a cure for those who are in a lot worse shape than I am. As much as I dislike living with Diabetes, I’d rather see everyone else cured before me.

Now, don’t think that I don’t have a wish for myself, because I do.  You see, I have a heart of gold, but it’s rather weak physically, and doesn’t function at 100%.

So, I wish for my heart to be as strong as my will to live, so that I may continue fighting, and have a long life that was well spent.

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  • Ashley

    I knew this response was going to make its way over here and it’s just as wonderful during my second (ok, maybe third) reading of it 🙂 Thanks again for all the support/help/sanity keeping buddy.

  • Brenda W.

    This post put a tear in my eye. You really do have a heart of gold, and I hope that you get your wish someday (Both of them!) 🙂