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Check your scripts, Twice!

“I’ll be getting my scripts, and checking them twice.  Gotta make sure the doctor has written them right.”

As some of my twitter followers may know by now, I had some problems with some scripts that I needed to have filled last night.

The first problem being that I had misplaced them; I eventually found them in one of my bags, and thought the problem was solved.  It wasn’t until I got to CVS at 2:00 a.m. this morning that I found out there was a much bigger problem.  The scripts couldn’t be filled because of  something the doctor did, or should I say, DID NOT do.

The script for my Metformin was missing a pill strength (500 mg/1000 mg/etc…).  And to top it off, the script for one of my heart meds was missing the doctor’s signature.  HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN?  Those are basic requirements on prescription forms.  As if I needed any more headaches to go along with my medical problems.

I kind of feel bad for the pharmacist who was on the receiving end my response to being told that I couldn’t have the medicines that I need to keep me alive.  She was only doing her job, unlike the doctor who wrote the scripts.  She promised a call would be made to the doctor’s office first thing this morning, and the scripts would be this afternoon.

I’ll be going to pick them up during my dinner break.

The moral of this brief rant: when your doctor hands you a script, check it. TWICE!

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  • Jim

    UGH!! My problem is that I don’t see mine anymore. All electronic straight to the pharmacy. I would hope that they couldn’t submit things with all the right info. If it keeps up, maybe start shopping for a new Dr. I still can’t believe that the pharmacist wouldn’t fill anything to get you through based on history.

  • casey

    oh! I am sorry. As a pharmacist, I love that you understand she was only trying to abide by the law. stinks that the patient has to suffer.

    • Mike

      Hey Casey, could you provide me with a list of the basic requirements that must be on a prescription form.? I’d like to do a follow-up post on the topic.

  • Cara

    Wow. I can understand your frustration. It’s sad that the doctor (who should KNOW what a prescription needs) would leave off such vital information. I hope you got everything worked out today.

  • Michael Hoskins

    Geez. What a fool. I get these people are busy, but sometimes it’s just laziness. Hope the followup call solves it and you get the meds without any more issues.