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The Adventures of Little G

Say hello to … Little G.  He’s the cool ninja dude who managed to stow away in the back of my car before I left Mike & Suzi Hoskins house the Saturday before Easter.

Now, I don’t know what he was thinking as he got into my car. Maybe he didn’t want to be mistaken for a chew toy by Riley “The D Dog”, or maybe he was trying to avoid becoming a scratching post for the elusive Shadow Cat. We may never know.

What I do know, is Little G seems to be a fun loving guy, who’s just looking for a little adventure.  And that’s exactly what he’s going to get!

In what I’m hoping will become an on-going series of posts, entitled “The Adventures of Little G”, we’ll tag along with the little ninja dude as he roams from place to place, looking for his next big adventure.  There’s no telling where he might lead us, but if my instincts are correct, there certainly won’t be a dull moment with this guy.

Stay tuned for his first big adventure: Little G goes to work!

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