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Giving up Soft Drinks

Over the course of the last month, I’ve been faced with having to give up another one of my vices, Soft Drinks.

Like an old friend, soft drinks have always been a part of my life.  I didn’t drink them all the time, but they were always around. Even after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I switched to diet soft drinks so I could at least have one every once in a while.   Well, not any more.

A few weeks ago, I began to notice that the soft drinks that I liked, diet pepsi and coke zero, just didn’t taste good anymore.  I thought maybe the asthma inhaler I used earlier in the day was causing the nasty taste. So, I gave it a few days, and tried the soft drinks again, and I had the same problem.  They just tasted horrible.

So, rather than try to figure out whether it was the inhaler or one of the 4 other new medications that my doctor had started me on that was causing my soft drinks to taste funny, I said goodbye to them

And if sparing myself the nasty taste wasn’t a good enough reason to give up the  soft drinks, there’s always the money saved and the few extra pounds lost. 🙂

Now I just need some healthy alternatives.  Any suggestions? Comment Please.

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  • Emily

    YES! I love Crystal Light in my water, V8 Diet drinks are really good, and my personal fav is kool aid made with splenda 🙂

  • Fat Cat Anna

    I know that for even Crystal Light might have a weird after taste for you. That’s what I have heard from other friends on meds for their hearts. Maybe just good plain water, ice cold of course, will be something you can grow to love. In the summer time, maybe if you grow mint, crush abit up in the water, or even throw in a slice of ginger perhaps. Experiment, but personally, artificial stuff in my water, I’d rather stay away from it (and you save some $$$’s – maybe to put away for a nice w/e holiday somewhere with your sweetie pie or towards something you’ve been wanting to treat yourself too!).

  • Andrea Roth

    Herbs, herbs and more herbs! Many take a while for someone to get used to the taste. Make teas, hot or cold; there is room to be creative with a few types. Read, read, research. Here are the names of some authors I have become VERY comfortable with. Jerry Baker, Joan & Lydia Wilen, Dr. James & Mrs. Phyllis Blach. Their books, and others, remain on my kitchen counter for quick ideas and reference. Enjoy! I hope you like to read. AK.

  • Courtney

    To be honest, carbonated water does it for me! I was surprised to find that it was the fizzy bubbles I was addicted to rather than the caffeine and sugar in Coke and Pepsi.

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    All the best,

    (and seriously, give carbonated water a try!)