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Great News from the Cardiologist

I went for my stress test follow-up appointment this morning, and received some great news from the cardiologist.

The stress test results indicate that the strength of my heart has increased 7% over the last year. It’s now 42%, as opposed to 35% at the time of diagnosis with CHF. 50% is considered normal, so I’ve only got 8 points to go to reach that goal. The cardiologist says that if I continue at this pace on the treatment plan I’m on, with the medications, diet, and exercise, I should be able to reach that goal, and beyond, over the next year or two.

The test results also indicated that the 30% blockage in the Left Anterior Descending Artery of my heart appears to be gone. The cholesterol medications and clot busters appear to have done their jobs.

So yeah, I’m really excited to know that things really are improving, despite how bad I feel at times. I still have a long way to go in this battle, but now that I see these results, I have even more motivation to keep me going.

Keep Fighting, and Rock On!

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