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Someone Understands

While perusing through the Rest Ministries and HopeKeepers Sunroom, a social networking website run by Rest Ministries, I came across an article written by organization founder Lisa Copen.

In her article, Copen discusses what she went through after being diagnosed with an invisible chronic illness at the age of 24.  Lisa was diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, and was constantly hearing people say things like “you’re too young to have that”.  As you might expect, hearing such things didn’t make her feel any better.

Having faced the same things since I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in December, at the age of 24, it was refreshing to hear someone else say that they have felt the same things I am feeling now, and talk about how they handled the reactions/comments of other people.  It helps to know that someone understands.

Read the article now:   You are Too Young to Be That Sick! by Lisa Copen.

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