More rain

It’s another rainy day here in Fort Wayne, and I’m quite sick of it.  As someone who deals with seasonal depression, the abundance of gray clouds, and lack of sunshine and blue sky is really getting to me.  I’d feel so much better if the weather were nicer than it is.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain the rest of today, and tomorrow as well.  Ugh…  The next chance of sunny weather comes Friday, which is great, as that’s one of my days off.  The rest of the weekend is supposed to be nice as well.  Come on weekend!

On a positive note, though, I think the sinus infection is on its way out.  I’m feeling quite a bit better than I have been, and my headache has eased substantially.  That’s a very good thing.

Well, the clock is telling me it’s time to get ready for work.  Thank God for umbrellas.

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