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Good results from blood tests

So, I mentioned yesterday that I got some good news when I went to see Dr. Cabe.  The results from the blood tests I had done on Monday were already back, and the majority of the numbers were really good.

First, my A1C was 6.3, down a tad from 6.5 three months ago.  With the problems I’ve been having over the last couple of months, I was expecting it to be higher, so I was really excited to hear it was lower.  Dr. Cabe was happy about it, too, and made no adjustments to my diabetes medications.

My fasting glucose was 128, which is still high based on the 70 to 110 range they would like for it to fall in, but it is a lot less than the fasting glucose of 217 I had at the time of diagnosis.

My Lipid profile came back pretty good as well.  The cholesterol is down across the  board.  My overall cholesterol is 153 (range: 0-200), my good cholesterol (HDL) was 50 (range:40-60), and my bad cholesterol (LDL) was 66 (range:63-130).  My triglycerides were still on the high side, at 185 (range:0-150), so I have to watch my carbs, etc…

And my blood pressure was really good, despite my being sick and all.  It was 100/77.  That’s very good for me.

So, overall all the results were really good.  I have a few things to work on, but I’m certainly not worried about any of them.

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