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Good numbers

My blood glucose (BG) numbers have been pretty good during the past 3 days, and it looks as though I may be on track to make 4 straight days of good numbers.  I’m really happy about that, because I’ve been struggling with them over the last couple of months due to a lot of additional stress and illness that I’ve been dealing with.  It’s great to feel like I’m regaining the control that I had prior to my hospital visit last month.

My target range for my BG is 90 to 130, and 9 out of the last 10 test results have been within that range. Take a look at the numbers below.

May 27

Before Breakfast – 108
Before Dinner – 94

May 28

Before Breakfast – 122
Before Dinner – 113
Night – 122

May 29

Before Breakfast – 136
Before Lunch – 128
Before Dinner – 115
Night – 110

May 30

Before Breakfast – 126

I have to give blood for an A1C test on Monday.  This will be the second one I’ve had since being diagnosed, meaning I’ve reached the 6 month point in this adventure.  Got a long way to go.  I go back to my primary doctor on Thursday of next week, and should have the A1C results then.  I’ll be sure to post them.

Now it’s time to get back to enjoying the remainder of my 3 day weekend.  Have a great weekend!

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