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A good day

It’s a beautiful day here in Fort Wayne; the sun is shining bright, the sky is blue, and I’m feeling pretty good for a change.  Not everyday that I can actually say I feel pretty good.  It’s always a crap shoot living with diabetes and congestive heart failure.  You never know what’s coming the next day.  I guess that’s what keeps life interesting.

After nearly a week, the headache I’ve been fighting seems to have gone away, and I’m so glad for that.  My blood glucose (BG) levels were at 126 when I got up, which is good for me.  I tend to shoot for a range of 90 to 130, and 126 is just inside the higher end of that range.  Still, not bad.  The ol’ blood pressure was 134/77, which is also pretty good for me.  So, my stats are looking good, and it feels great to be starting the day off that way.

Get to go to work in a couple of hours, and I’m so hoping for a good evening in the office.   Wish me luck on that one.

Keep Fighting, and Rock On!

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