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A Blessing in Disguise

Being diagnosed with Diabetes is not something that anyone ever wants to have happen to them.  For some, the diagnosis is seen as the worst thing in the world, as something that should be hated no matter what.  For others, the diagnosis is seen as a chance at a new beginning, an opportunity to make positive changes in the way life is lived. For me, Diabetes has been a real lifesaver.

Yes, diabetes does complicate my life; the Blood Glucose (BG) testing, the dieting, medications, etc… are all a pain.  Despite that, I can’t overlook the fact that if it weren’t for the symptoms of Diabetes appearing, and ultimately leading to that initial doctor’s visit, the Congestive Heart Failure that I’m also battling would not have been found before it was too late to do anything about it.   If it weren’t for Diabetes, I might not have been alive much longer.

So while I don’t like it, I’ve come to embrace the diagnosis as a blessing in disguise.   I have been given a second chance at life; a chance to live a life that is healthy, active, and fulfilling.   That is  something to embrace, and something for which I am definitely grateful.

It all boils down to attitude, and when faced with any problem, a positive attitude can make a world of difference.

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