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One follow-up down, two to go

Had the first of 3 follow up appointments this morning. This one was with my primary doctor, and thankfully, it went rather well. My blood pressure was good (100/77), and Dr. Cabe was pleased that the meds for my GI problems appear to be working. She was a little concerned that my BG levels have been a little high, especially at night, and has increased my evening dose of Metformin to see if that will help. I personally attribute the higher BG numbers to the stress of everything that’s happened this last month, and think the numbers will start to drop now that things are settling down a bit. Time will tell. Dr. Cabe also had me go do a blood draw for some tests to check my potassium levels and kidney function now that I’m on two different water pills. I should have those results soon.

I’ve got a follow-up with the GI specialist on Tuesday, and then another with cardiologist on Thursday. Hopefully they will go as well as today’s appointment did. I’ll be sure to update after each.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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