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One step forward … three steps back

Had a very disappointing visit with the cardiologist this morning.

It turns out that when I called to get the results of my CT Angiogram a few weeks ago, they only had part of the results in, and they were from secondary tests performed that day, and not the heart test. The secondary tests came back fine. They didn’t have the heart test results at that time, but not realizing they were missing, they told me everything was fine. Well, I get in there today, and find out they still don’t have the heart test results, because of some screw up on the part of the doctor and the lab techs.

So, to make a long and upsetting story short, I’m back to not knowing whether I have block arteries in my heart. This is after being led to believe that I didn’t for the last few weeks. The doctor promises to call me as soon as he knows, but I’m not holding my breath. He’s been warned that I’m going to be looking for a new cardiologist if this is the type of care his patients receive.

I was feeling so good on the back of yesterday’s news about my A1C being 6.5. Today I was knocked down again. It’s a vicious cycle; one day you’re flying high, and the next the wind is knocked out of your sails. Oh well.

I guess I can draw some solace in knowing that I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing to fight these problems. And I’m seeing the results of my efforts, which makes it even easier to keep going. My A1C is down to 6.5, I’ve lost about 30lbs, I’m eating better, and trying to take better care of myself. Just have to keep at it.

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