So, I had an idea …  inspired by the weekly photo challenges that are all the rage on social media these days.  Only this challenge would run for a whole month and have an actual purpose.   Allow me to introduce the…

#MakeDiabetesVisible Photo Challenge

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it begins tomorrow. During the next 30 days, I will be posting at least 1 photo a day that captures part of my life with diabetes. The goal is to make diabetes visible and show what it is like to live with ALL types of diabetes. The highs, the lows, the finger sticks, the meters, the pumps, the CGMs, the insulins, the pills, etc…

I invite all of my friends living with any type of diabetes to join me in this challenge.  30 days, 30 photos, ALL types of diabetes.  Any social media platform.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever.

Please share, use the hashtag, and let’s #MakeDiabetesVisible

Thank you!



The day starts in the kitchen with breakfast.  I have to open the silverware drawer to get utensils for eating.  But before I can eat, I need to check my fasting blood sugar, take a shot of Humalog to cover the meal I’m preparing, and take a shot of Victoza.  I also need to take all of my oral meds for my heart and other issues.  So, having all of that stuff right there in a place where I’ll see it at the start of each day serves as a reminder and helps me start the day off right.  And since I usually have a small meal before bed, I also keep my Lantus pen there as well, so I see it and remember to take it.


Living with diabetes means having to think ahead for every thing. Being prepared. Keeping extra supplies in the places you spend the most time. Like work. I always have extra pen needles, test strips, and glucose tabs in my desk just in case I need them.